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by timsandtoms at 2:54 AM (558 Views / 0 Likes) 21 Comments
I think the time has come for me to stop leading the TimGaming Minecraft server. I've loved running it for these past 5 years, but lately I've been neglecting it, and I think that it's just time for me to move on.

So, the important bit, what does this mean for the server? Well, hopefully, nothing. I have no interest in seeing this place close down, so if there is anyone who is interested in taking over, or if multiple people are interested in working together to keep the place running, I'd love to hear from from them. Post here, send me a message on the forums here, catch me in Ventrilo(info is in the top right of the forum), drop me an email(same name at gmail.com), or hit me up on Steam(same name). I'm more than happy to stick around and help make sure everything transitions over smoothly, and I don't plan to do anything different with the domain name for a long while. I'll pay for the server out of pocket for a couple of months to help get everything in...
by timsandtoms at 8:16 PM (657 Views / 2 Likes) 12 Comments
I apologize for going kind of radio-silent for the past couple of weeks. I've had a busy couple of weeks(sick, new job, job training, projects with my dad, a few miscellaneous things to get done IRL), but the server is now up-to-date with 1.9.2!

Also, a reminder, the 4x donor deal is still active! The server currently has around $98 $130/$144 needed by the 25th to stay open next month!
by timsandtoms at 5:53 AM (412 Views / 0 Likes) 3 Comments
  • Updated/re-enabled disguises. Disguises for new mobs aren't yet setup, and the sounds for disguises don't work yet.
  • Updated/re-enabled mcMMO. Everything that was on before is on now, with the exception of Sword, which is disabled.
  • Changed the seed the End uses to regenerate. I'll soon change it to use a random seed, like the nether and mining map, but this was a quick fix in the meanwhile.
by timsandtoms at 1:12 AM (278 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
  • Disabled compass in the End. It allows too large of an advantage in looting all the new content.
  • Fixed the world border in the end. I had previously removed it, but forgotten that it was being reset by a script.
  • The end currently resets after 13 hours have gone by without a dragon kill. I'm really curious to hear people's feedback on this though, how do y'all think we should handle End resets?
  • Changed server restart timer to 2 hours, up from 1 hour. Please post here and let me know how the lag is, if the situation has improved I can increase the timer further.
  • Reenabled armor stands.
Also, quick reminder, the 4x donor deal is still available! The server is barely scraping by month-to-month at the moment, and the bill for April's hosting will completely deplete the servers funds, giving us 30 days from the time this is posted to raise enough for May's hosting.
by timsandtoms at 10:01 PM (1638 Views / 2 Likes) 41 Comments
EDIT: If you run into any issues with the update, please post them here so I know!
The server is now running 1.9, so feel free to update your clients. Everything seems to mostly be working, but here's what isn't working at all, or isn't completely updated for 1.9:
  • mcMMO(Might not be on for some time. It's no longer free, and the server is barely able to afford it's monthly payments, much less purchasing plugins. I would also need some time to look into it and see if we need to rebalance anything for 1.9. Plus, not updated yet.)
  • Disguises(You can check on it's progress here)
  • The announcement plugin(I'll replace it with Skript shortly, but I feel like absolute garbage tonight, so I'm not going to worry about updating non-crucial things)
  • The End resetting script has been changed to reset 6 hours after a dragon dies, up from 1 hour. (I'll readdress this shortly to...