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by JIGSAWM4STER at 4:55 PM (376 Views / 2 Likes) 9 Comments
Merry Christmas everyone! We all know an important part of Christmas is the tree, after all without the tree where would Santa put all the presents? On the floor by themselves?!?! Aw hellll naw! Because of this we need a tree for Timgaming so we can get some presents! Although we have one already thanks to Tbritts, we need one that is larger so more presents can fit under it! So who gets to build the tree then? Well, all of you of course! We will hold a BUILD THE BEST DAMN TREE EVER event!

First Prize: Your (or your team's) Tree pasted into spawn center for everyone to enjoy, along with 250k!

Second Prize: 150k , a snowgolem and a double chest of snowballs to throw at your friends!

Third prize: 100k and a double chest of snowballs!

Participating: thats right! if you even participate you will get a secret prize :)
(to be considered a participant The tree must actually...
by SoccerDog05 at 12:47 PM (260 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
If you read my Halloween Bash post then you know what i am talking about. Since a lot of you aren't on always i made up a new plan:

If you catch me on and you want to do the skin contest, ask me, i will take a picture of your skin. If you are on with other people and they want to do it too, then i'll hold a 'mini' skin contest. Winner of that proceeds to the finals.

The finals will not be on a certain date. I will just look over the pictures i took and decide a few people. It goes on until i announce the winner that i thought looked best.

Winners So Far:
1. Jman5t6
2. NoThanksDad

-Soccer <3
by timsandtoms at 4:07 AM (1028 Views / 5 Likes) 27 Comments
If you've been trying to connect to the website or Minecraft server the past day and a half, you might have noticed that the URL wasn't working. That's because we were in the process of upgrading to a new server! The new server is better(More storage, faster RAM, updated CPU), cheaper($144.50 per month, instead of $173.40), and we've taken the opportunity to make some behind the scenes changes that should help improve performance! The vast majority of the downtime during the transition was caused by some issues in updating the DNS, the thingy that makes the URL timgaming.com point to the correct IP. Everything should be working normally, but if you find anything funky, drop me a message so I know to fix it, I can't fix what I don't know about!

The new cost also means that it should be a fair bit easier to afford to keep the server running, what with it being $28.90 cheaper per month. It's enough of a savings that, combined with a super cheap first month, we're actually...
by michaelfoley at 7:15 PM (263 Views / 2 Likes) 2 Comments
Welcome to the new server!!!!
It's both cheaper and more powerful than the last.

We've had a little bit of downtime, but everything should be working now.

If something's not working shoot us a message.
by SoccerDog05 at 1:58 PM (538 Views / 1 Likes) 9 Comments
WOOP FRIDAY AFTERNOON HALLOWEEN BASH WILL START AT 4:50!!! :D Note: It is kinda just a small party, no skin contest on friday, only sat!!!

Alright, to start off i'd like to say i wanted to do this because of us hanging on, but we will probably fall. So i decided to do a Halloween Bash!

Where it is:
It will be at a place I protected (for 14k :confused:) and remodeled. Thank you to the person who made it, but didn't protect it (and sorry, but hey! Lesson learned :)). I'll tap you there, and maybe some other people will.

What it is:
It is a Halloween party with a costume competition (skin competition, with your skin or a 'costume') and games plus food.

When it is:
Well, it will probably be next weekend and Halloween weekend, most likely in the afternoon because of my soccer. Vote for dates, 3 days left...