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Hey TimGmaing community, I want to shed a bit of light on the fact of "HeartBleed" this is NOT just a minecraft issue, this is a global internet issue, 2/3'rds of the "internet" were effected by this bug. This is a HUGE security issue and must be treated as such. Please note it is highley advisable to change any and all of your online passwords including Minecraft.net's password.

The issue is that the cryptic software OpenSSL was made public and this weakness could potentially be exploited to steal information, such as login information, that would be normally protected by encryption.

Change your shiz! :)
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EDIT: Please also post your minecraft account name so i know who to send tp's to. thanks!

Yes I will be finally hosting my egg hunt event tomorrow (Sunday). If you want to participate please say so below so I know. Prizes are as follows:

  • First Place: 65k, 3 Diamonds, Diamond Horse Armour, and 2 Spawn Horse Eggs
  • Second Place: 30k, Iron Horse Armour, and a Spawn Horse egg
  • Third Place: 15k, Gold Horse Armour, and 25 Iron ingots
Thanks for the wait and i hope it will be a nice event!
Oh and the egg hunt will probly happen sometime around noon. I have no idea what time zone im in :p But i live in cleveland ohio so you can figure it out if you can. sorry.

Below you are signing up to participate NOT help build, just to clearify. Building is omost done, but thanks for askin.
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As most of you are aware, server population has been down as of the last couple of months. Well, less players means less donations, which makes it hard to cover the costs of the server! As of right now, we have enough saved up for two more months of hosting. Anything after that will depend on how well donating and voting goes. To try to help get the servers savings back up, I'm going to do something I haven't done before, and offer a donor deal outside of Christmas time!

For the rest of the month, if you donate to TimGaming, we will give you DOUBLE your donation amount! That means if you're a normal user, and donate $15, you will be set to the $30 donor rank, with all the powers and money that come along with it! This is for both current and new donors, if a $30 donor donates another $15, they'll be set at the $60 rank! Everything else about donating will work just like it normally does! This deal ends the moment the clock rolls over into May, Pacific time!

I also have some...
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EDIT: I have unfortunatly been sick this past week so havent done alot work on the hunt, i am post-poning it to a later date, Sorry.

NextFriday im going to host a easter egg hunt. Prizes for this event will be as follows.
  • First Place: 65k, 3 Diamonds, Diamond Horse Armour, and 2 Spawn Horse Eggs
  • Second Place: 30k, Iron Horse Armour, and a Spawn Horse egg
  • Third Place: 15k, Gold Horse Armour, and 25 Iron ingots
For this to happen i would ask you guys for some help with the protection. I will need donations of:
  • Money of course, will be a decent size protection, and will be costly.
  • Possibly use to a triple grinder becuase i need to name a ton of eggs.
  • Help building some buildings around the protection and making it look the part.
  • supplies like wood, glass, ect.
Again these are just things im asking for donations, none will be used for personal use.
For the builders subject, im looking for skilled builders. You have...
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2013-03-27 Edit: DiguiseCraft is now functioning again.

When I logged in today, the server was down. This was cause by "a time based bug in spigot". Basically, just some glitch with Spigot. They've made a post about it here. We've updated to the latest version to solve the issue.

This was a problem that was out of our control, and occurred on every server running the Spigot server software.

All plugins except for our automated Ban Reports plugin, and DisguiseCraft, appear to be functioning correctly on the latest build. I will update DisguiseCraft as soon as a new build is released. You can check for updates on their Bukkit page, at http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/disguisecraft/.

Mods, in the meanwhile, please make sure to make a post for any bans you make, as the automated reports are not functioning.