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  2. Keep in mind our server keeps running because of players like you! Be kind and vote for us!


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Timcraft now has an official discord server.

For those that use discord and/or are interested in it! Well here you go!

This will be a good source for anyone to talk with other players without having to use skype or even ventrilo. Of course the vent server will always be available for those who wish to use that instead.

What will be on the discord server?
  • Text chatter for those that still prefer text chat
  • Voice Chat of course Multiple channels! Including limited 2,3,5 only channels! As well as project channels!
  • Issue Reporting text channel. Report your issues and well know quickly! (Faster...
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NOTICE: The server will be unavailable Saturday morning while it is upgraded to 1.12.1. The upgrade is expected to take less than an hour.
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Ahoy there matey's!
It's time to set sail and voyage out on a fun filled day of treasure hunts and other pirate games!

Join us on 22nd July at 7pm UK time for three big events!

The obstacle course!


Chose your colour and stand in the booth - wait for the fireworks and GO! Run through cobwebby rooms and parkor over obstacles to claim your rightful place!
1st Place wins 15 gold bars!
2nd Place wins 10 gold bars
3rd place wins 5 gold bars
All participants get a shiny golden nugget!

Capture the flag!


Chose your team and then race to capture all four of the areas in this epic PVP adventure!
Click HERE:
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We are always looking for new faces to help out with Timgamings future
development & design!

We are looking for
  • Anyone that can help out with Graphics design
  • Anyone that could help out with the Facebook page in terms of news and posts!
  • Anyone that can program in java and can use or learn to use the Spigot/Bukkit api
  • Anyone that can program or willing to learn how to use Skript
  • Anyone willing to hop onto the development server or the plugin provider host server to test future or current plugins for new features or potential bugs

Base requirements
  • Basic knowledge in the selective item above
  • Ability to research for any ideal above
  • Ability to use (or learn to use) Trello
  • For programming basic knowledge of Eclipse or similar...
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You may notice some new announcements on the server when Friends of TimGaming log in. I thought we should recognize and thank those people, because we literally would not have a server if it were not for their continued support! So now, the server announces their arrival with a little bit of fanfare.

As an added bonus to our Gold members, I've given them the ability to declare a 'title' for themselves. This is intended to be a fun little perk, and should not be misconstrued as an official rank. I trust the Gold members to not put anything offensive in their title.

In the coming weeks I plan on moving some of the cosmetic perks to being Friends-only. It is such a great thing that they do, we should show them how much we appreciate them!