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by timsandtoms at 11:56 PM (522 Views / 1 Likes) 27 Comments
We'll have more news regarding the 1.8 update later in the week, but for now I just wanted to post a quick gif showing how to create a 1.7.10 profile in your Minecraft launcher, so that you can connect to the server until we update to 1.8.

EDIT: Testing for Spigots 1.8 protocol hack seems to be coming along well! There's a good chance we will be 1.8 compatible on Monday. This would only be a protocol update, meaning that the networking code of Minecraft is updated to 1.8, but all of the gameplay is 1.7. I'll need to do some testing and get some feedback to determine if that's even worth updating to for the time being, versus just using a 1.7 client to connect to the server while it runs 1.7 gameplay, given the current ease of making a profile for the older version. Please reply to this if you have more performance issues under 1.8 than you do under 1.7.
by epicglitch32 at 12:42 PM (132 Views / 0 Likes) 4 Comments
One of the biggest complaints about timgaming that I get from people I introduce to the server is the lack of minigames. So I have decided to host a contest for the best player generated minigame.

Whoever creates the best minigame by Oct. 6 Will win prize money! All votes will be by players and mods and must be submitted between Oct 1st and Oct. 6th.

If you have any questions please ask below!

Donations are much appreciated!

Current prize money is 50k!
by mac115 at 6:57 PM (276 Views / 0 Likes) 12 Comments
i thought that it would be a good idea to bring back the "wall of players" for our forth map here. Seastories idea was great and it was awesome to see everyone head in one place. I want to start this now because we would have longer to get the heads and longer to view them as a whole. If you wish to help me or donate please contact me either on here or the server. I really hope this can be done again because last time it was a huge hit!

The wall of players will be located at Station (-9,6)

If you wish to donate any heads please go there and throw them in a hopper or catch me online and i will add them then and there.

*This is not a personal head collection, this is something to bring all the heads in one place of all of the players on the server. It went well last map, i just want this to work too.*

by tyler3joel at 8:12 PM (280 Views / 1 Likes) 1 Comments
To start let me say that this project has been on delay for a while due to being on vacation, since I got back I did my best to finish this as soon as I can. Anyways, I would like to give you guys some more info about Exrun. The first event will happen next Sunday at 7:00p.m Mst (9:00p.m Est) And every Saturday following at that time. Make sure to catch me on at that time. As a reminder Exrun will be two teams green team and blue team (both have the same tracks). For the first race the fastest player will receive 15k, second 10k and third 5k. that said though the second event everything is up for grabs because we will have a leader board and the records will be set in the first race. If first place record is broken the person that breaks the record will receive three quarters of our prize pool money, second half, and third one quarter. What if no one breaks a record?, Well it will act like the first event, Fastest will receive 15k, second 10k, third 5k.

A special...
by timsandtoms at 10:39 AM (1999 Views / 3 Likes) 60 Comments
As some of you might be aware, TimGaming is hanging on by a thread. If things don't pick up this month, the server will shut down permanently. There have been many factors leading to this point, ranging from things such as Mojang's new stance on EULA enforcement, fewer staff online at times, longstanding members trolling over disagreements over certain features, a much lower percentage of people voting, to me flat out being a shitty admin. Any one of these by themselves wouldn't have caused a significant problem, but when everything bad that can happen does, things start to look pretty dark for a server.

As of right now, I cannot afford to pay for next months server hosting costs. They will bill on September 3rd, at which time, if we can't pay the hosting, TimGaming will permanently close down, and never return. It is much easier to keep a community running than to start one from scratch, so if we close, I won't be able to try to get the server started again. That'll be it. Lights...