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Contest closing date is being pushed back! Due to an unexpected, surprise trip my father and I are going on the contest closing date will be pushed back at least 1 week. I do not know when I will be getting home (Will update later) but the contest will be pushed back to 1 day after I return. This is so that I can close the contest myself. Contestants will be given the extra time to build. Nothing else will change.

Okay, as many of you know I have a small town named Avalak and we have been working SUPER hard to complete it. Many people have donated their time, possessions, and money to my prize pool. So as per suggestion I am moving the date of the contest and opening my plots for selection.

Now please understand that work is still being done on the area and this work will continue through days of the contest in order to improve the area that this contest will be held. Now a few details...
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Due to Mojang's recent change of stance on EULA enforcement, this month will be the last month we are allowed to sell the current donor perks. In order to help give everyone one last chance at getting them, for the remainder of the month of July, we'll be running a Double Donor Deal! For the rest of the month, if you donate to TimGaming, we will give you DOUBLE your donation amount! That means if you're a normal user, and donate $15, you will be set to the $30 donor rank, with all the powers and money that come along with it! This is for both current and new donors, if a $30 donor donates another $15, they'll be set at the $60 rank! Everything else about donating will work just like it normally does! This deal ends the moment the clock rolls over into August, Pacific time!

Now, as for the new EULA nonsense... As many of you are aware, Mojang recently changed their stance on enforcement of Minecraft's EULA, specifically, the portions about how Minecraft servers are able...
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EX-Run, X-Run With a Twist!

Hello members or Timcraft, Tyler3Joel and I are tired of the lack of events on the server lately, so we have decided to make an X-Run(ish) event!

What is an EX-Run?
An X-Run is a parkour course in which you have speed II Speed III and Jump II there are also multiple checkpoints, EX-Run however there pretty much a standard X-Run competition, but there are five important Twists.

1st Twist: It is a 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 race .

2nd Twist: There is a wall separating both players/teams

3rd Twist: There is a PvP aspect, Each player will be given a bow (and 128 arrows) with punch I on it, there will be a open area in the...
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Sometime last month, I mentioned in passing that I was thinking about offering an additional /home location if we were able to get to page two of one of the server lists, and stay there until the end of the month. Without even so much as an official post about it on the forums, you guys took it upon yourselves, and got us to page two of Minecraftservers.net! That means that everyone, donors and nondonors alike, now have an extra /home location(EDIT: Actually works now!)! To use it, just /sethome [homename], and then type /home [homename] to teleport to it! If you would like to remove one of your homes, you are able to do so with /delhome [homename].

I'd also like to formally issue you guys another challenge! If we manage to finish July on page 2 of either the second or third server lists, Minecraft-server-list.com or...
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We are long overdue for a Timgaming face lift but we need the players input. There are so many aspects of minecraft life to juggle. We need help sometime figuring out what players want.

What can be done better: Do you want a neat plugin or command you saw? Do you see a way to improve PvP? Did you like or have new ideas for an event you want to see a little more regularly? Is there some server that implemented something you would like to see here?

Timgaming is nothing without a community of players that inspire and motivate others. We want you to let us know in as much detail what you would like to see in the future. A simple "Moar Plugins!" isn't going to help if you don't give us a few links to neat things we could add. Help make Timcraft into an even better place to play.

Lots of Love,