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As maybe some of you have heard or read, there is a new area on the map close to spawn where people of a simple fashion have come together to build a somewhat thriving simple town type community. With special features like our very own blacksmith and enchanter. Who can be utilized together to make awesome starter gear and even fairly advanced gear. Back to the point however we are still missing some key people in our little midst such people can come by or msg me zbrozz to ask about coming to our tight knit community and offering your own services. We still have a few jobs available that need filling but we also accept people with there own ideas for a business and all are welcome to our public shops. But without further boredom what we still "need" as far as professions go is

Apothocary aka alchemist, Nether walker aka herbalist. Both of which are related to potions or gathering of material to make potions. We could also use but not really need. Hunter (Sells meats, furs and wolf...
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We've just added mcMMO's Archery skill in for testing. Experience is earned by shooting things with arrows. As you level it up, each level gives you a 0.05% chance of retrieving shot arrows, and every 50 levels gives you an additional 10% damage for PvE, with a cap of 10 bonus damage. It currently has no affect in PvP combat.

This is currently being tested, archery levels may be reset within the next few days, although this will only happen if the experience gain was grossly unbalanced.
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Hello all, Tainted here!

So as most of you probably know, I created a Clan known as "TheShadows" not too long ago. Well I haven't officially opened it to the public yet and I wanted to do a BIG SERVER EVENT to welcome the Official opening of TheShadows Clan. This event has no official date yet, but we have estimated it being around 1 week and a half to 2 weeks away from the posting of this thread. As time gets closer to the Day of the Event, I will announce the official Date and Time on this thread.

So, any who, onto the Event
Yes this will be about my clan a little (Just the celebrating part haha), but this event will just be hosted by my Clan. This event though is for the whole server to enjoy; You won't have to join the clan or any of that stupid nonsense, we just want you to have fun and enjoy the Event :)
So here is what the Event will be,
Well we asked ourselves, who doesn't like a HUGE Explosion; Nobody was of course...
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The experience formulas for the McMMO skills Acrobatics, Mining, and Taming have been balanced to be in a pretty good place, and Acrobatics has been reset. It's safe to level these three up now, there shouldn't be any more resets on these skills, barring anything breaking!

EDIT: Also: fixed pig disguises. And don't forget about the Donor Deal going on until the 21st!
by timsandtoms at 10:35 PM (325 Views / 2 Likes) 3 Comments
EDIT: Holy crap, it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to grind levels with the default formulas and experience. Test things out, but expect levels to be reset in a day or two as we work out the numbers.

We're adding the first MCMMO skills today, Acrobatics and Taming. If you find anything weird happening on the server that didn't happen before this post, please report it here, or mail me in-game, because I can't fix errors that I don't know about. You can find info about the MCMMO features we have enabled in this thread.

Acrobatics: Acrobatics is a skill that helps you dodge attacks(Currently only from NPCs), and avoid fall damage. It's leveled up by taking fall damage.

Taming: Taming allows you to summons pets to help you out in combat, and increases your wolves combat effectiveness. It's leveled up by having your wolves deal damage.

For those of you that already leveled up some skills today, my apologies....