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  2. Keep in mind our server keeps running because of players like you! Be kind and vote for us!


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Clans are back! The important bits are below. There is also a poll going in this thread about how we should handle spawn town this map. It closes in a week, so go vote! Here's the clan info:

  • The command to create a clan is /clan create [tag] [clan name].
  • It costs $500,000T to create a clan.
  • Clan tags can be 1-4 characters long, names can be 1 to 25 characters long. No offensive/impersonating names and tags.
  • After you create a clan, you can change the color of the tag with the command /clan modtag [tag]. Any color from this list will work. To use the color codes, type &, then the color you want, and everything after that will be colored. If your clan tag was TEST, and you wanted it to be TEST, you would type /clan modtag...
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A bit of a belated post(I actually added them three days ago), but donor disguises are back! Everything should be working fine with them, except pigs. Pigs were very buggy, so they're disabled for the time being. Rabbits also haven't been implemented yet. Post here or /mail me in-game if you find out that anything is broken!
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Quick Explanatory Video: https://youtu.be/WqZNLYkdEX8

The PvP box has been updated! Due to the high amount of "box camping" and little actual PvP that existed in the PvP world, the box has been adjusted accordingly. With the only exits being drops and portals, once you leave the safe-zone, you're not getting back in without a little effort.

This is just a test run. I've already talked to a few people and taken suggestions (Thanks to missionary3 for the suggestion for portals instead of iron doors on the 2nd floor!)

Leave any and all feedback here! The goal is to make PvP as enjoyable and non-toxic as possible. Particularly, I'm worried about ease of the parkour puzzles and the ability to drop from the balcony almost directly on to the portal back in (yes, that was intentional, I'm just not sure how it will pan out yet.)
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So those around from the start of the server probably remember what this is but or those of you who dont know, Hall of Legends is a place where players and mods alike build their skin to scale. Just /warp hol and ask a mod for a lot and they will set you up. However to build their are some requirements:
  1. It must be built within a week (you can build off site if need be)
  2. It must be to scale
  3. Be patient with the mods cause it will not return again if it becomes a point of aggravation :p
Have a nice day and looking to see your skins out there!
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Yes Dan_the_man85, it's really that time. We now have warps! Thanks to some wonderful work by Fahlur, we now have a plugin that allows players to create their own warps without any moderation action required, while still allowing for warps to be fairly limited and provide a gold sink for the economy.

Here's how it works. Anyone can type /setwarp [warpname], and it will charge you $100,000 Timonians(Prices may change later on), and create the warp where you're standing. Anyone else is then able to type /warp [warpname] to warp to wherever you set. Your warp lasts for 1 month, and you can add more time to your warp with /addtime [warpname], and it will charge you again for each month you add. If you forget to add time, you'll receive a /mail one week before your warp expires so that you can have a heads up to add more time.

That's the basics, ti07shadow did guide here.

EDIT: Oh, and I fixed...