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To start let me say that this project has been on delay for a while due to being on vacation, since I got back I did my best to finish this as soon as I can. Anyways, I would like to give you guys some more info about Exrun. The first event will happen next Sunday at 7:00p.m Mst (9:00p.m Est) And every Saturday following at that time. Make sure to catch me on at that time. As a reminder Exrun will be two teams green team and blue team (both have the same tracks). For the first race the fastest player will receive 15k, second 10k and third 5k. that said though the second event everything is up for grabs because we will have a leader board and the records will be set in the first race. If first place record is broken the person that breaks the record will receive three quarters of our prize pool money, second half, and third one quarter. What if no one breaks a record?, Well it will act like the first event, Fastest will receive 15k, second 10k, third 5k.

Current prize pool...
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As some of you might be aware, TimGaming is hanging on by a thread. If things don't pick up this month, the server will shut down permanently. There have been many factors leading to this point, ranging from things such as Mojang's new stance on EULA enforcement, fewer staff online at times, longstanding members trolling over disagreements over certain features, a much lower percentage of people voting, to me flat out being a shitty admin. Any one of these by themselves wouldn't have caused a significant problem, but when everything bad that can happen does, things start to look pretty dark for a server.

As of right now, I cannot afford to pay for next months server hosting costs. They will bill on September 3rd, at which time, if we can't pay the hosting, TimGaming will permanently close down, and never return. It is much easier to keep a community running than to start one from scratch, so if we close, I won't be able to try to get the server started again. That'll be it. Lights...
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Since a lot of people have asked for a Modball league and or a Modball Tournament, here ya go!

Modball rules (Official, if you can have official rules for a online game inside a online game):

You score into the goal below you (example: You spawned above the white goal, you score on the white goal)
4v4 games (unless you have a bigger arena, built for 4v4v4 or 4v4v4v4)
Stadiums can be built wherever! Though they have to be a good size for the amount of people playing
You CAN hit opposing players, this is the one part that noone seems to understand. If you don't like getting hit don't play.
Only mods can be the ball. No, a player cannot be the ball, it's called Modball for a reason. :p.
You can make your own team (example: Me, jig, eatin_cheese, Goatskindreams. Name: Team Hobbiton)
You are welcomed to post all tournaments/games you wish to host in your stadium in this thread.

Mods who are willing to be the Ball for games: (will be updated as more say yes or no)
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Voting is now CLOSED

Winners are listed as follows:

First place: Tinzini28 and mudman28
Second place: Tyler3Joel
Third place: Zarkatar
Fourth place: Elmier and Mr_Snork
Fifth place: Goatskindreams

please message me for your prizes

Introduction Post:
The contest is now closed, perms are removed. And everyone is wondering what happens next. Well let me tell you. Now comes voting. Voting will take place for two weeks. During these two weeks teleports to Avalak will be permitted, simply ask and if someone is online who can help, it will be helped. If subways somehow get fixed before the end of voting I will edit this to also list the subway which is very close to the contest area. If there are any questions please message...
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I am now home on August 2nd, really late. Since I probably won't log on tonight (You try driving 600 miles then tell me you want to play minecraft) I'll count tomorrow as me being home. So the contest will close on August 4th.

Contest closing date is being pushed back! Due to an unexpected, surprise trip my father and I are going on the contest closing date will be pushed back at least 1 week. I do not know when I will be getting home (Will update later) but the contest will be pushed back to 1 day after I return. This is so that I can close the contest myself. Contestants will be given the extra time to build. Nothing else will change.

Okay, as many of you know I have a small town named Avalak and we have been working SUPER hard to complete it. Many people have donated their time, possessions, and money to my prize pool. So as per suggestion I am moving the date of the contest and opening my plots...