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Spawn lots will be available for sale on Saturday! In the meanwhile, the remaining 3 lots in the middle of spawn(The NE, SE, and SW ones) will be auctioned off! If you are interested in bidding on one of the central lots, please read on, then post your bid!

  • Read the Spawn Town rules in the first reply of this thread first!
  • The top 3 bids will win a lot, with the highest bid getting first choice, then the second, then the third. You don't bid on a specific lot(We tried that last time. It was a pain.).
  • Make a post in this thread with how much you're bidding, and which lots you prefer(e.g. "I bid 250k! I prefer the NE, then SW, then SE lots.").
  • Bidding will end at midnight Pacific time on Friday the 22th.
EDIT: For reference, if you're where the lots are, North is towards the spawn platform.
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Spawn lots will be going up for sale next weekend! Before that, we're going to have a raffle! Here's what you can win:

  • One of the center spawn lots(The northwest one)! Spawn Town lot info will be in the first reply to this post.
  • A promotion from your current rank, up to 150VIP. If you're already 150VIP, up to VIP.
  • A set of unrepairable Efficiency 250, Unbreaking 4 diamond tools(Pick/Axe/Shovel). Unbreaking 4 lasts around 5 times as long as normal.
  • 25% of the total money spent on tickets(If 100 tickets sell, you would get 25k)
  • A set of "god" enchanted diamond armor(All the best enchantments normally possible, thorns is optional)
  • Enough Bottle o' Enchanting to get you to level 30(3 stacks)
  • A set of 2 spawn eggs for all the friendly mobs(Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Cow, Squid, Wolf, Mooshroom, Ocelot, Horse, Rabbit, Villager)
  • 4 Golden Apples("Notches Apples")
  • Another set of 2 spawn eggs for all the friendly mobs.
Each item will be raffled off, and the...
by timsandtoms at 4:04 AM (218 Views / 1 Likes) 11 Comments
  • Expanded the map by 500 blocks in each direction.
  • Updated RentWarp to the latest version. This fixes issues with not being able to use warps while in other worlds, and with warps being offset from where they should be.
Don't forget to check out Fahlur's guide for RentWarp if you need help with the commands!
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Clans are back! The important bits are below. There is also a poll going in this thread about how we should handle spawn town this map. It closes in a week, so go vote! Here's the clan info:

  • The command to create a clan is /clan create [tag] [clan name].
  • It costs $500,000T to create a clan.
  • Clan tags can be 1-4 characters long, names can be 1 to 25 characters long. No offensive/impersonating names and tags.
  • After you create a clan, you can change the color of the tag with the command /clan modtag [tag]. Any color from this list will work. To use the color codes, type &, then the color you want, and everything after that will be colored. If your clan tag was TEST, and you wanted it to be TEST, you would type /clan modtag...
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A bit of a belated post(I actually added them three days ago), but donor disguises are back! Everything should be working fine with them, except pigs. Pigs were very buggy, so they're disabled for the time being. Rabbits also haven't been implemented yet. Post here or /mail me in-game if you find out that anything is broken!