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by timsandtoms at 7:58 AM (505 Views / 0 Likes) 48 Comments
Currently the server has $20.31 out of the $144.50 it needs for the period of August 30th-September 28th. If the server is going to continue, it needs to be able to reach that amount by August 21st, because I can't afford to pay for the server out of pocket, and that's the latest I can cancel by. I'm here to ask you guys what needs to change to keep the server running, because I'm willing to keep going as long as you guys are enjoying it.

What do you guys think needs to change to get things going again? Population is at record lows, voting is slow(169 players on in the last 24 hours, 24 players vote per day on site 1, and even less on 2 and 3), and we've been burning through the servers savings faster than we're replenishing it. We need to do whatever we can to attract new players, to keep them actively engaged in the server, and we need to find new or better ways of getting players to donate, because...
by Eatin_Cheese at 5:05 AM (132 Views / 8 Likes) 4 Comments
I've buried some of my treasure across the map! [insert generic pirate pun here]

The chests contain a random assortment of treasures that range from a few sticks to over 300k in gold blocks!

  • It's all buried under sand, near water with the skull and crossbones banner above it.
  • all locations were reached through the wilderness portal
  • Pirates only!

Happy Hunting!

** If you said ninja, you and I... we're no longer friends.
by timsandtoms at 4:37 AM (469 Views / 5 Likes) 12 Comments
EDIT: Whoops! I fixed the permissions for the kit!
  • Made some minor behind the scenes performance improvements.
  • Limited the range that you'll hear wither spawning and dragon death sounds to 256 blocks.
  • Made arrows despawn quicker(10m, from 20m).
  • Added a new donor reward for 60VIP, /pweather. It works similarly to /ptime, but for weather. You can now disable rain without client-side mods!
  • Reset the mining map. Looks like there are some nice ice spike biomes!
  • Added [Warp] signs(Thanks MarvinTheRobot!). Put [Warp] on line 2, and the warp name on line 3. This will let players right click on the sign to teleport to that warp. It doesn't create a new warp, it just lets you teleport to already existing warps via right clicking a sign.
Oh, and one last thing.
  • For the next week, you can type /kit ireadthewebsite786 for a free wither skull. I'm only posting this here on the forum, not announcing it in-game. I'm trying to encourage...
by timsandtoms at 3:22 AM (174 Views / 2 Likes) 3 Comments
So as almost anyone can attest to, sometimes Minecraft gets dumb, and sometimes you end up inside a wall when you login. Sometimes it's just due to lag, but sometimes, it's because the mining map/Nether/End you logged out in reset. Good news everyone! We now have a script that will prevent you from spawning inside a wall!

For those of you curious, here's how it works.
on join:
  wait 2 seconds
  the block at the player's head is not air:
    the block at the player's head is not water:
      the world is "world":
        teleport player to location x=207.5, y=89, z=318.5 in world "world"
        extinguish player
        wait 5 seconds
        message "&eALERT: &7You spawned inside a block! You probably just loaded in too slowly. You were teleported to Spawn Town for your safety!" to player
      the world is not "world":
        teleport player to location x=207.5, y=89, z=318.5 in world "world"
by timsandtoms at 3:58 PM (107 Views / 1 Likes) 0 Comments
Just a quick update to how invisibility works in the PVP world. Due to pretty much everyone agreeing that invisibility+strength=OP, we've had attacking break invisibility for a couple of months now, but it wasn't very clear when that happened. The script that removes invisibility now checks if you're invisible, and if you are, it removes it and sends you a message.

Here's the code:
on damage:
  world is "world_pvp":
    attacker has invisibility:
      victim is a player:
        remove invisibility from the attacker
        message "You have become visible!" to attacker
Everything works the same as before, it just now alerts you when it happens.