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by timsandtoms at 5:29 AM (113 Views / 0 Likes) 5 Comments
I've realized that I completely forgot to post last weeks update post. It happened! I just didn't post it. It was all just routine plugin updates, nothing major. Few occasional bugs might not pop up anymore.

Also, an update on the status of the server, and the donor deal. We have enough saved up to cover March billing, but basically nothing towards April. We have until around March 10th to get enough saved up to cover April. The Donor Deal is still going, so if you're interested, nows the time! Anyone who donates has their donation count for 4x the value, so if you donate $5, you get the $20 rank, and if you donate $25, you get the $100 rank!

This weeks updates:
  • Enabled mcMMO's Woodcutting. Read about that at here. XP values are not the same as the wiki.
  • Enabled mcMMO's Herbalism. Read about that here. XP values are not the same as the wiki....
by timsandtoms at 4:45 AM (192 Views / 2 Likes) 4 Comments
Ha! Two for two! This is me still up from Saturday, so it still totally counts.
  • Added a couple of signs on the portal room portals, warning people about how the random location portals act weird shortly after those maps reset(It takes time for it to build back up a list of safe areas to teleport to)
  • Updated Craftbook.
  • Updated RentWarp. It now has some spiffy new visual effects!
  • Fixed the bit where mods couldn't change their gamemodes(EssentialsX has permissions per gamemode, instead of just for the gamemode command)
  • Updated DuckTrails.
  • Added the "gameofthrones" trail for VIP ranks. Use /ducktails gameofthrones to enable.
  • Updated Dynmap.
  • Dynmap will now accurately show 1.8 blocks.
  • Updated RegionModule.
  • /protections no longer require a mod to manually approve them. There was so little abuse that it really isn't...
by timsandtoms at 5:51 AM (290 Views / 1 Likes) 8 Comments
Ha! And you thought I'd forget. I wake up in the evening and go to bed in the morning, so this totally still counts as my Saturday.
  • Updated us to the most recent version of Spigot. Should help with a few weird corner cases.
  • Transitioned us from Essentials to EssentialX. The main difference between the two is that EssentialsX is still under active development, and officially supports Spigot, meaning that bugs should get fixed more quickly. There are also some neat features for kits that I may be utilizing in the future.
  • Added /kit roughdraft, a kit to give you an early rough draft of a guide book I'm writing for new players. If any of you know of a good external editor for books, one where I can see what will fit on a page, do text formatting, and make clickable links that execute commands, that would be awesome, because right now I need to re-type the entire book from scratch every time I go to edit it.
  • Went through the list of periodical...
by timsandtoms at 7:42 PM (339 Views / 0 Likes) 5 Comments
First things first, the servers budget. It doesn't have one. We're about $50 short of next months billing, and if we don't hit it, that's it, the server goes down. Given that, we're keeping the Donor Deal going another month! Anyone who donates in January will have their donation amount count for five times that amount. That means if you're at the User rank and donate $5, you get the $25 rank, if you donate $12, you get the $60 rank, and if you donate $50, you get the highest rank available. This includes the bonus money! We'll keep some form of donor deal going long enough to build up a bit of a savings to get out of this rut, although it'll likely be less awesome(maybe drop it to 4x/3x/2x as we build up a savings again), so get it fast if you're interested!

Next up, map 1, the museum map for the servers original world. Turns out, there's a chunk of it's that's corrupted, near Avatharian's Yggdrasil. When I say corrupted, I don't mean "it loads funny", I mean "if you visit...
by timsandtoms at 5:38 AM (251 Views / 6 Likes) 5 Comments
So my New Years resolution this year is 1920x1080 to be less shitty of an admin. I'll begin working on getting everything updated on Wednesday. Expect a new news post then.

My other resolution is to finally setup my Raspberry Pi.