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by SoccerDog05 at 1:58 PM (113 Views / 0 Likes) 4 Comments
Alright, to start off i'd like to say i wanted to do this because of us hanging on, but we will probably fall. So i decided to do a Halloween Bash!

Where it is:
It will be at a place I protected (for 14k :confused:) and remodeled. Thank you to the person who made it, but didn't protect it (and sorry, but hey! Lesson learned :)). I'll tap you there, and maybe some other people will.

What it is:
It is a Halloween party with a costume competition (skin competition, with your skin or a 'costume') and games plus food.

When it is:
Well, it will probably be next weekend and Halloween weekend, most likely in the afternoon because of my soccer. Vote for dates, 3 days left to vote, i need to know when is the best time for you.

by timsandtoms at 12:36 AM (539 Views / 4 Likes) 35 Comments
Good news everyone! Thanks to one very generous user, we are now covered through the month of November! At this point, our only shot of keeping TimGaming alive through December is if every single player votes every single day on all three websites. We need everyone needs pitch in, either by voting, or donating to help collectively cover server costs. Here are links to the three sites, site 1, site 2, and site 3.

Since voting has been an issue for a long time now, and I'm all out of ideas as to how to get the community to vote, lets try something new. If you have suggestions for how to get more people to vote(For example, new rewards, or only allowing players that have voted the ability to...
by timsandtoms at 8:11 PM (1397 Views / 0 Likes) 75 Comments
TimGaming will close on November 4th unless population and donations pick up. We currently do not have enough funds to pay for the next month of hosting, which will bill on November 4th. I've made posts about it before, but I can't keep trying to limp the server along like this. If things don't pick up, and quickly, the server will shut down permanently.

I'll keep the Double Donor Deal going for the time being(Until you see a post saying that it's over), despite the EULA. That means that if you donate $5, I give you the rank as if you had donated $10, if you donated $10, it's $20, etc. I've also added a $250 rank, for those of you who are insane enough to want it, although there aren't any new exciting things I can add until the full 1.8 update. For now, it's just 25 homes(Up from 150's 11 homes).

The server is already in the hole, financially speaking. If we can't dig our way out, and build up enough to survive the next couple of months, this will be the end of TimGaming, at...
by timsandtoms at 11:56 PM (802 Views / 1 Likes) 29 Comments
We'll have more news regarding the 1.8 update later in the week, but for now I just wanted to post a quick gif showing how to create a 1.7.10 profile in your Minecraft launcher, so that you can connect to the server until we update to 1.8.

EDIT: Testing for Spigots 1.8 protocol hack seems to be coming along well! There's a good chance we will be 1.8 compatible on Monday. This would only be a protocol update, meaning that the networking code of Minecraft is updated to 1.8, but all of the gameplay is 1.7. I'll need to do some testing and get some feedback to determine if that's even worth updating to for the time being, versus just using a 1.7 client to connect to the server while it runs 1.7 gameplay, given the current ease of making a profile for the older version. Please reply to this if you have more performance issues under 1.8 than you do under 1.7.
by epicglitch32 at 12:42 PM (203 Views / 0 Likes) 5 Comments
One of the biggest complaints about timgaming that I get from people I introduce to the server is the lack of minigames. So I have decided to host a contest for the best player generated minigame.

Whoever creates the best minigame by Oct. 6 Will win prize money! All votes will be by players and mods and must be submitted between Oct 1st and Oct. 6th.

If you have any questions please ask below!

Donations are much appreciated!

Current prize money is 50k!